Reed Diffuser Care

Our Reed Diffusers are designed to be a chic home accessory, while constantly scenting your room without an open flame. The diffuser oil is formulated with the finest fragrances by The Sniff Studio. Our reeds are made of high quality fibre that emanate scent well.

The Sniff Studio 的乾花擴香瓶是家中美美的裝飾品,同時在無火環境下保持房間芳芬。我們用上國際認可的香薰油配以進口的纖維擴香棒讓您的擴香過程更安全稱心。


♥Use all of the reeds provided for a fuller fragrance, use less for a subtler aroma. 


Carefully insert the reed sticks into the fragrance oil. Then, flip the reeds and place the dry ends of the reeds into the bottle. Wipe any drips immediately to protect your table surfaces.


♥Dried flowers might fracture easily, reposition them with care after inserting the reeds. 


♥Position the bottle in a high traffic area that enhances air circulation, avoid direct sunlight. 


♥Increase the scent by flipping the reeds at any time. 


♥Change the reeds when they get dusty and clogged over time. 


♥Keep out of reach of children and pets. 


Keep away from open flame and do not light the reeds. 遠離火源,不要燃點擴香棒!


Disclaimer: THESNIFFSTUDIO shall not in any event be liable for any injury, damage or accident.