Wood Wick Candle Care

Also read [Container Candle Care]. Wooden wicks require a little extra care. 



♥Trim the wick to approx 0.5cm long before each use, and remove all charred wood from previous burns by a nail clipper or just fingers. 


♥Light across the entire wick to burn the candle evenly. It may take more than one attempt to light the wick. 


♥Appreciate it when the candle starts to emit a subtle crackling sound. Allow it to soothe your soul like no other ‎(◍˃ ᵕ ˂◍)


♥Do not burn for more than 3 hours. When the candle begins to smoke, or the flame height is greater than 3cm, gently put out the candle.


♥A small amount of ashes will build up around the wick (which does not affect its performance).

燃燒過程會產生少量灰燼 (不影響燃燒)


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