Wax Tablet Care

Using all-natural soy wax and beeswax impregnated with pure essential oils or IFRA certified fragrance oil, scented wax tablets work as a beautiful wardrobe/ home/ washroom accessory that brings a subtle but appealing scent to your home. The smaller the area, the stronger the fragrance. 



♥Both the wax tablet and the decorative dried flowers are fragile and delicate. Please handle with care and keep it firmly held.


♥Place it in a cool, dry place, and away from direct sunlight, that may cause discoloring and melting. 


♥Fragrance can last up to a year after unpacking, depending on the nature of use.


♥Warm(melt) the back of the tablet for a stronger scent throw when the aroma no longer lingers.



Disclaimer: THESNIFFSTUDIO shall not in any event be liable for any injury, damage or accident