Zazen - Tea Scented (100ml)
Zazen - Tea Scented (100ml)
Zazen - Tea Scented (100ml)
Zazen - Tea Scented (100ml)

Zazen - Tea Scented (100ml)

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Scent: Zazen (Green Tea, Sandalwood, Camillia, Bergamot)

Fragrance Note: Tea, Woody

Suggested Environment: Bedroom, Small Living Room (~100sq ft)


Scent Description: Inspired by the idea of zen meditation, the tea-scented fragrance fills the air with a gentle and relaxing ambiance. Named ZAZEN, the new scent gives you a peaceful state of mind, creating a therapeutic moment to bring mindfulness to your life.


Diffuses for 3-5 months;

Comes with a pack of 5 fibre reeds;


Our Reed Diffusers are designed to be a chic home accessory, while constantly scenting your room without an open flame. The diffuser oil is formulated with the finest fragrances by The Sniff Studio. Our reeds are made of high-quality fibre that emanate scent well.


Shelve Life: 18 months if unopened and stored properly

7-12 working days

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